All are welcome to worship at Fields of Grace!  We practice open Communion, so if you have received this sacrament elsewhere, you are welcome at the Lord’s Supper here.

Here is the current worship schedule for Fields of Grace Lutheran Parish:

Sunday worship:
8:00 AM – Worship at Swan Lake Lutheran Church (Holy Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays)
9:30 AM – Worship at First Lutheran Church in Lafayette (Holy Communion on 1st and 4th Sundays)
11:00 AM – Worship at Bernadotte Lutheran Church (Holy Communion on 2nd & 4th Sundays)
9:30-10:00 AM – “DAY 1” radio broadcast every Sunday on KNUJ AM860 (sponsored by Fields of Grace)

Memorial Day Weekend All-Parish Worship

9:30am at Swan Lake Lutheran Church
No worship services at Bernadotte or First Lutheran Memorial Day Weekend

4th of July Weekend All-Parish Worship (the Sunday after the 4th)

9:30am (outdoor worship) at Bernadotte Lutheran Church
No worship services at Swan Lake or First Lutheran on the Sunday after the 4th of July.

Labor Day Weekend Worship All-Parish Worship

9:30am at First Lutheran Church
No worship services at Swan Lake or Bernadotte Labor Day Weekend

This worship schedule will last from now through Labor Day Weekend.

Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas Worship Services

November 25th 7 p.m. joint worship at St Gregory’s Catholic Church (Thanksgiving Eve)

December 13th 7 p.m. Advent/Christmas Sing-a-long at Bernadotte

7 p.m. at Swan Lake on Christmas Eve

9 p.m. at First Lutheran on Christmas Eve

8 a.m. at Bernadotte on Christmas Day

9:30 joint Parish Worship on December 27th at Bernadotte.